What the Design of your Front Door Says About You

When you first walk into a friend’s or a neighbor’s house, the first thing you probably notice is their front door. Your front entryway sets the first impression, which reflects the style of your home. Our front doors can either be very inviting or unappealing. In fact, there is more to our front doors than what you think.

Surprisingly, people take a few seconds to make an assumption about your personality after seeing your front door. When guests come over for the first time, your front door becomes a statement about your house and your personality.

Here is how the design of your front door can say something about you.

Door Material

When you’re picking your door for the first time, you want it to complement the style of your home. However, according to the manufacturers at JustDoorsandConservatories.co.uk, you should always choose a durable material for your front door that provides security and strength, and complements your interior design. So is your home considered modern, classic, or somewhere in between?

Whichever style you go for, here are some of the most common door materials.

  • Iron, steel, fiberglass doors: Those types of doors are considered more modern than other options. Going for any of those options will give your guests a feeling of simplicity and elegance. Those materials also withstand harsh weather conditions, and give out a message that you are serious about your home’s safety and security.
  • Wood or timber doors: Wooden or timber doors can be a great option if you have a contemporary or classic house. Wooden doors offer a more traditional look, and can give your guests a feeling of warmth from the very moment that they step foot into your house.

Door Color

A door color tells a lot about who we are. Have you ever passed by a neighbor’s house and got really intrigued by the popping door color? This is why our color preferences can be very important in making a statement about our personalities and characters.

  • White: A white door will signal a calm and neat house, as well as an inviting host. Your guests will always be tempted to go inside.
  • Black: Black can be bold. A black door always signals sophistication and style, coupled with class. It is true; you can never go wrong with black.
  • Green: People who pick green as their front door color are very interesting people. It also means that you are creative and artistic, and have a deep love for nature. It’s a very pretty color that will inspire anyone who pays a visit.
  • Red: Nothing is more vibrant than a red front door. A red front door can say a lot about you. Red means that you are an exciting and inviting person, who likes to go out of the box. A red door also means that the delivery guy would have no problem whatsoever in finding your house!

Our front doors are the pathways to our homes and lives, and give the outside world a glimpse of who we are. After all, there’s nothing better than visiting a home with a beautiful front door that welcomes its guests before they even step into the house. You may not realize it, but our front doors can make all the difference in our home’s overall appearance.