7 Things to Lookout for When Choosing a Logo

The logo of your company has a significant impact on the public perception of the company; it can make it or break it. First impressions are vital in our visual world, your logo has to be recognizable, inspiring, and unique. It’s important to choose an attractive and strong logo to lure in customers in this competitive world. Investing in a logo is one of the most important branding techniques a business can do as it’s a measure of the company’s marketable trademark and economic entity.

Since the logo is the first step to the successful branding of your business, here are some few things to look out for when you are choosing your company logo.

1. The logo has to represent your company

Your logo has to show the real identity of your company and everything it stands for. A good designer will take the time to understand your company and show its inner self through his work on the logo. The logo needs to give an image on how you do business and handle customers, it has to be inviting and expressive.

2. Pick your designer carefully

When looking for the right designer, you need to check their portfolio and make sure their work is varied depending on the client. ONEOUT Creative has been a good starting point just to have an example of what different companies and websites may have to offer, be sure to check out a couple before making your final decision. A designer who follows the same pattern in designing logos might have a great style and approach; however, it might not be suitable for you or your company. So the designer has to be adaptable to different client’s and audience, to make sure they will understand your vision and reflect it on the logo.

3. Your design should be a vector

Using vector graphics software is a necessity because your logo will be used differently; sometimes on a website as a tiny icon, or on a larger scale as a large building sign. So, your logo has to be scaled to any size without losing quality or getting blurry and fuzzy.

4. Choose a unique design

You need also to make sure the licensing agreement is exclusive to your company. Many decide to design their own logo without being aware of the copyrights or the logo guidelines. For example, using stock art downloaded from websites will put you in jeopardy of breaking the laws of copyrights.

5. Make sure of the design

Your logo should be designed in one color originally before choosing the right colors to make sure that the design itself is good without being deceived by its pretty colors. Some designers depend on colors completely disregarding the fact that the logo at one point or another will need to be displayed in one color.

6. Cherry-picking the right font

Picking the right font is the toughest decision a designer can make. The font chosen needs to match the style of the icon in the right amount; not too much to compete with each other for attention, and not too little that it seems off or un-matching. Choosing more than two fonts as well can be overwhelming and forced. And you will need to decide from the beginning if you want a licensed font or free fonts, bearing in mind that free fonts will limit your designer’s choices.

7. Principles of choosing an effective logo

There are five main factors to designing your logo, it needs to be modest, versatile, timeless, remarkable, and fitting. Simplicity is designing the logo will easily make it memorable, recognizable and versatile. The five factors merely depend on each other.

Don’t be cheap

Designing your logo especially for a startup can be overwhelming, expensive and confusing. Copying others or choosing the cheapest logo, or an amateur designer will only harm your logo and automatically your company. Know your budget and start making a list of the important factors contributing to your logo, then choose a designer who can adapt to your vision and execute it correctly.