Top 7 Internet Grammar Check Resources

In the present time a large percentage of business and individual communication has moved from the real ‘eye to eye’ world to the vastness of the virtual space. People around the world began to pay less attention to the personal meetings and prefer the correspondence via instant messengers, blogging, to present a product or a service advertising through the website. Much attention is paid to the contextual filling of a personal or a business page on the Internet. This, in turn, requires literacy writing.

They find a good text is the one that is not only interesting and informative to read. It is very important how comfortable the reader is when being acquainted with the content that comes from the screen of his or her smartphone, tablet or through a computer monitor. It is about grammar, punctuation, and stylistics. These are the most important readability indicators.

When the author states the flow of his own thoughts or just taping and already finished text, various mistakes will occur. This statement is true for everyone since even the most competent person can make a number of text errors, typos or any repetitions. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve an impeccable result on your own. The human factor can take place and the unforgivable mistakes can remain in the text even after careful personal proofreading before the publication.

Who needs grammar check tools and why?

Due to the rapid development of IT technologies and increased attention to the process of education, the network has a number of support resources for checking for literacy the publication for any Word Press publishing or a personal blog on social networks.

Such current programs are actively used by bloggers, SMM specialists, teachers, writers and, of course, the students who submit all their written work in print or electronic form. The most standard programs and browsers have built-in spell checker options. However, they are far from ideal, and therefore do not allow achieving a ‘clean and clear’ context.

On the Internet you can find the plugins, programs and applications that are the most convenient for you to use. With its help you can early check any grammatical, stylistic, punctuation or spelling errors.

There are many free programs, as well as, numerous extended versions, which are accessible for some fee.

The best 7 online programs for online pre-publish grammar check

We in collaboration with, offer a list of top grammar check resources that are the most popular amid the users from all over the world for those people who wish to write literate texts.

1. Grammarly

In the majority of the topical ratings this service for English texts’ grammar check is in the top place. The program recognizes grammatical errors that ‘were missed’ by the other verification services. It is also capable of correcting the sentences structure and the whole article written style. According to statistics, over seven million students, teachers, bloggers, businesspersons, and state employees apply to the service daily.The program is easy to use, correlates with any of the existence browsers and is not limited by the size of the text volume being checked. There are free and extended paid versions presented for the users.

2. WhiteSmoke

This free online service can be used to verify the texts in two ways. You can insert any content from the Word page into the program or use instantaneous checking of grammatical, syntactic and spelling errors directly while typing in online mode. This is a very convenient option for SMM specialists, as well as for those who conduct electronic written negotiations.

3. LanguageTool

In contrast to the number of present grammar tools, this multilingual test resource allows the people not to be limited to checking the spelling of exclusively English texts. The demo version is free of charge and is available for online usage. The main disadvantage is that its options are limited. For future applying the plugin is to be purchased and installed on your computer or smartphone. Such a tool is in demand inter the users who are interested in the deepest possible grammatical and spelling checking of the text before publication or printing.

4. Ginger

This service can become an indispensable personal grammar editor not only for those users who practice British or American English as a second language but also for the English-speaking students, Internet managers or businesspersons. The program is available in various versions and each will choose the most suitable one, depending on the goals and objectives. The plugin is presented both for free and in paid extended versions, which are supplemented with some useful additional options. This texts can be proofread after being placed in a special test window or installed in MS Word for subsequent automatic grammar and punctuation check.

5. GrammarCheck

This is the most unpretentious of all presented grammar proofreading tools. It is enough to apply to this suggestion for those users who do not need a detailed linguistic verification. The text can be typed in a special check window of the program or be inserted from the Word tool for the next proofreading. The program allows you to get instant result, does not contain complex options, and advanced features to check the style or readability, for example, but all your texts will be presented grammatically correctly and without errors in punctuation with it.

6. Paper Rater

This online tool will help not only to check the spelling of the text but also indicate the degree of uniqueness of the content. This combination of options allows you to significantly save the time that bloggers, copywriters or content managers spend on checking their publications. This resource is highly appreciated by the students, teachers, and Internet Specialists, since it is available without download and taking up any additional disk space. Those who apply to this tool have the chance to perform plagiarism free and grammatical context only.

7. After the Deadline

This is a unique tool for grammar correction within any written texts whether you are a student or a site content expert. This service can be used online, as well as a plugin download for any of the applications and programs, one of the most popular of which is Word Press that are necessary for the work of an SMM manager or a blogger.Some doubt is always the proper direction on the path to perfection. The best modern online tools will help to check the grammar and spelling in the texts and thereby increase the level of publications or any other written work before the presentation to the audience.