Showcase of The Best Pixel Art Tutorials

Pixel art is a technique that appeared when the early 2d computer games first appeared, the technique then seemed to disappear when 3d games became popular. Today, we want to show to you some of the best detailed and inspiring tutorials by talented pixel artists to help you carve out possibly one of the most detailed works in your life. Hope you will like these cool pixel art tutorials.

1. How to Draw Hand-crafted Pixel Art in Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you how to draw with pixels, it features basic principles, settings and tips to get you started with pixel art.

Learn How to Draw Hand-crafted Pixel Art in Photoshop

2. Pixel Art Tutorial – Shading

With this tutorial you will learn to draw something that you see often in your life, a rock! You will learn about structuration, shading and special highlighting techniques.

Pixel Art Tutorial - Shading

3. The Pixel Tutorial

From playing tools to conceptualizing to brushing up the detail, Derek Yu will show every essential skill you should know in order to construct a better sprite.

The Pixel Tutorial

4. Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment

In this tutorial, you will learn that how to create a fun 3D pixel font type treatment. Using a free font, gradients, and Illustrator 3D filter, you will easily create a type treatment that you can apply to many other fonts.

Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment

5. Pixelling A Monster Sprite

This tutorial is aimed to guide you from having a limited understanding of pixel art through the several necessary stages on your way to creating a working.

Pixelling A Monster Sprite

6. Everyone can Make Pixel Art

In this tutorial, you will learn that how to create a pixel art picture.

Everyone can Make Pixel Art

7. Isometric Building Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial covers the process of creating an isometric building and features a number of useful tips and tricks for pixel art designer.

Isometric Building Tutorial

8. Dithering Pixel Art Tutorial

This tutorial covers dithering in pixel art, which can be used to stylize areas, for example make shadows across objects.

Dithering Pixel Art Tutorial

9. The Almighty Grass Tile

If you’re making an RPG, and you plan to have it take place on a world, you’re probably going to need grass. It’s a good way to warm up and get into drawing the tiles, so let’s start with it.

The Almighty Grass Tile

10. Adding Pattern

Well, KawaiiHannah will guide you to create adorable pixel character with different clothing patterns, and they are all charming for sure!

Adding Pattern

11. Spriting Fakemon Tutorial

An interesting and detailed tutorial done by The-Godlings-Rapture, which explains to you the genuine ways to spriting Fakémon.

Spriting Fakemon Tutorial

12. Isometric Kid’s Swimming Pool

Following this tutorial you’ll make a nice pixel art swimming pool.

Isometric Kid’s Swimming Pool

Well, though we have digged into the web and showcased awesome tutorials we have found here. Do kindly let us know if you stumbled upon it, or if you actually did one, don’t hesitate to show to us! Enjoy pixeling then!

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