13 Most Useful Free Custom Post Plugins for WordPress

The internet is an amazing tool that provides anyone the means to grow their business and career in a meaningful way. One of the main goals of any blogger is to keep the visitors on your blog for as long as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to show them your best content. So, here in our today’s post we have listed some of the amazing free custom post WordPress plugins for your WordPress blogs.

Each of these plugins is up-to-date, ensuring you’ll get the most out of compatible resources. And many of them are hugely popular in their categories. If you like our art collection, so check out these other posts will interest you too: Beautiful Blue Website Design Inspiration 2015, Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Widgets, Awesome WordPress Health and Safety Themes and Free Heart Bokeh Photoshop Textures.

1. Login Page Styler – Custom Login

Create your own custom login page with login page styler ,Easy to use no coding skills required for customization.Create your own beautiful custom login styles and make your login page unique. Customize your login page matching your theme or any other style,Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website and logo link can be changed to your website link through Login Page Styler.

Login Page Styler - Custom Login

2. Advanced Post Manager

This is a tool for developers who want to turbo-charge their custom post type listings with metadata, taxonomies, and more. An intuitive interface for adding (and saving) complex filtersets is provided, along with a drag-and-drop interface for choosing and ordering columns to be displayed. Metaboxes are also automatically generated for all your metadata-entry needs.

Advanced Post Manager

3. Import CSV with Ultimate CSV Importer

Import CSV data to WordPress is made very easy even for novice users as in few clicks and 3 simple steps with CSV Importer plugin. Now csv importer supports multi language and almost every WordPress modules and plugin fields as follows. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin proven much effective advanced CSV Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features. It is much easy now even for newbies to import csv file exported from any tool, app or software.

Import CSV with Ultimate CSV Importer

4. Enhanced Category Pages

Enhanced Category Pages allows you to create custom category and term pages by managing them using a special custom post type. Enhance any taxonomy: edit any taxonomy term as a custom post. Customize Enhanced Category custom post type capabilities via plugin options. Transparent synchronization of Enhanced Category and it’s corresponding category.

Enhanced Category Pages

5. Custom Search by BestWebSoft

Simple and useful tool for the people who want to to extend search functionality of their website but don’t want to spend their time on customization. This plugin allows to add a custom post type. Great solution for the beginners as well as for more advanced users. This plugin updates WordPress core and the plugins to the recent versions. You can also use the auto mode or manual mode for updating and set email notifications.

Custom Search by BestWebSoft

6. WP Meta SEO

WP meta SEO got 2 major functionalities: bulk edit all website meta with intuitive interface and optimize wrong image size. It was so annoying before and almost nobody was able to edit all meta content and image meta. WP Meta SEO is going to list all articles, pages, custom post and all images. Update meta and image size and everything is AJAX saved.


7. Custom Fields Search by BestWebSoft

This plugin allows you to add custom website search field in any post. It comes with a list of custom fields. All you need is to choose which of them you want to see in search. Make your site useful and effective with the Custom Field Search Plugin. This handy plugin allows extending standard WordPress search functionality by adding custom post types to it. Hence, if you would like to have portfolios, galleries or any other custom post type on your website to be displayed in the search results, Custom Search plugin will be the best solution.

Custom Fields Search by BestWebSoft

8. Post Grid

Query post from your custom post types and create awesome grid. Use any where by short-codes and easy customize via short-code generator page, you can display or hide grid meta items like post authors, post date, post categories, post tags and etc.

Post Grid

9. WP CSV Exporter

You can export posts in CSV format for each post type. It is compatible with posts’ custom fields and custom taxonomies. It is also possible to set the number or date range of posts to download.

WP CSV Exporter

10. WP Custom Header Footer

WP Custom header Footer plugin allows you to easily add cusom css or js files in your sites by using this plugin easily. So, no need to editing your theme files to add custom js or css files. So, enjoy easy site maintain and always keep with us using our plugin and don’t forget to rate us.

WP Custom Header Footer

11. TR WP Custom Login Page

WP Custom Login Page allows to you change your unlimited custom logo, unlimited custom text,unlimited custom background color, unlimited custom body background color easily. After publishing this plugin people enjoy custom WP login page smoothly.

TR WP Custom Login Page

12. Search in Place

Search in Place improves blog search by displaying query results in real time. Search in place displays a list with results dynamically as you enter the search criteria. Search in Place groups search results by their type, labeling them as post, page or the post type entered, and highlights the searched terms in search page and resulting pages. Search in Place advanced allows to search in metadata too.

Search in Place

13. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 is an easy-to-use slider plugin with an intuitive user interface. It leverages the built-in features of WordPress. It uses custom post for the slider, custom fields to store settings, and media uploader for the images. It also uses a template system that allows developers to easily customize the look and behavior of the slider. It’s a simple and flexible slider plugin.

Cyclone Slider 2