17 Most Highly Free Flash Plugins for WordPress

Advancement in technology make rich media like video one of the essential content of a website. You will see video on almost every site nowadays. There are lots of flash plugins for WordPress CMS and choosing an ideal one is quite challenging. Here are 17 best free WordPress flash plugins for wordpress blogs.

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us. You may also take a look at our past collections for inspiration: Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2014, Free WordPress Banner Ads Widgets, Fullscreen Video Background WordPress Themes and Free HTML5 Player WordPress Plugins.

1. Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank is a WordPress Plugin designed to create elegant and beautiful gallery albums with images, videos using Grid Albums, List Albums, Individual Albums, Masonry Layouts and Thumbnail Layouts, Special Effects & Animation Effects.

Gallery Bank

2. WP Fastest Cache

This plugin creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefor, system needs RAM and CPU.

WP Fastest Cache

3. NextCellent Gallery – NextGEN Legacy

The aim of NextCellent is to provide an alternative for traditional NextGEN users to keep their sites updated without breaking compatibility. Older subplugins will be also compatible. Site managers handling several sites using specialized software as InfiniteWP or ManageWP, wanting to keep their sites running with automatic updates.

NextCellent Gallery - NextGEN Legacy

4. mb.YTPlayer for Background Videos

A Chrome-less Youtube video player that let you play any YouTube video as background of your WordPress page or post. You can activate it for your home page from the settings panel or on any post or page using the short code as described in the Reference section of the settings.

mb.YTPlayer for Background Videos

5. Grand Flagallery – Photo Gallery Plugin

Grand Flagallery – powerfull media and image gallery plugin. Easy interface for handling photos, image galleries, audio and video galleries. With this gallery plugin you can easy upload images, create music and video playlists, create photo gallery, group pictures in photo slideshow.

Grand Flagallery - Photo Gallery Plugin

6. YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus

YouTube Advanced Embed is a plugin that enhances the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress site. It’s a feature-rich and smart upgrade to the standard YouTube embed.

YouTube Advanced by Embed Plus

7. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, and one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time. It provides a powerful engine for uploading and managing galleries of images, with the ability to batch upload, import meta data, add/delete/rearrange/sort images, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

NextGEN Gallery

8. MaxGalleria

WordPress users deserve a gallery plugin that doesn’t frustrate them as they use it – they want a gallery plugin that is actually a joy to use. Other gallery plugins claim to be the best simply because they’ve been around the longest and have the most downloads.


9. VideoStir Spokesperson

VideoStir transforms your basic video into an interactive “video spokesperson” that can run on top of any website. The floating clip can be created within 5 minutes using VideoStir DYI service (green background is not needed, any camera will do the trick).

VideoStir Spokesperson

10. FV WordPress Flowplayer

FV WordPress Flowplayer WordPress plugin is a free, easy-to-use, and complete solution for embedding FLV or MP4 videos into your posts or pages. With MP4 videos, FV WordPress Flowplayer offers 98% coverage even on mobile devices.

FV WordPress Flowplayer

11. Vixy YouTube Embed

Vixy YouTube Embed and Download is a simple, powerful method of embedding YouTube videos, offering your readers an easy way to download videos.

Vixy YouTube Embed

12. VideoWhisper Video Presentation

VideoWhisper Video Consultation is a web based video communication solution designed for online video consultations, interactive live presentations, trainings, webinars, coaching and online collaboration.

VideoWhisper Video Presentation

13. CP Media Player

CP Media Player – Audio Player and Video Player allows to publish files: MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA and WebSRT subtitle files. CP Media Player – Audio Player and Video Player is based on MediaElement.js which guarantees support for all browsers that implement the HTML5 standard.

CP Media Player

14. Advanced Dewplayer

Advanced Dewlayer is developed by WesternDeal allows you to show list of MP3’s on your site or blog by fetching them from single directory on your server. Get all MP3 files from sindle directory to display list of playable MP3s with other information and download option.

Advanced Dewplayer

15. Yendif Player

The Yendif Player WordPress Plugin makes it extremely easy to deliver Flash and HTML5 media through your WordPress website. This plugin has been developed by Yendif Technologies Pvt Ltd, the creator of the Yendif Player itself.

Yendif Player

16. WordPress Video Gallery

WordPress Video Gallery Plugin has a whole set of utile features and options that make the product a versatile one. In addition to the quickly visible options such as recent Videos, popular Videos and featured Videos.

WordPress Video Gallery

17. Global Flash Gallery

Global Flash Gallery plugin can help you to create fast and perfectly wonderful and unique galleries of great albums, photos, cards and other images. Global Flash Galleries plugin is easy and convenient for use. It’s captivating and beautiful to execute in practice.

Global Flash Gallery