13 Essential Free Register WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a most popular Content Management System(CMS) for making a new website. It  is free and open source and  based on PHP and MySQL. The login and registration forms are your gateway to configuring and using WordPress. Members only areas are becoming increasingly popular on the web, and can prove invaluable for businesses and bloggers looking to generate more income online.

Here are the best WordPress register free plugins in 2015, which are strongly recommended for your wordpress site /sites. Following are the best free plugins to add a membership component to your WordPress website. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Widgets, Awesome WordPress Health and Safety Themes, Free Fixed Layout WordPress Themes and Free Comment Spam WordPress Plugins.

1. zM Ajax Login & Register

With zM Ajax Login & Register, you can create a custom login and registration page. No need for any custom post types, just create a normal WordPress page, add your own custom logo, text, and use the following shortcode [ajax_login], [ajax_register]. From the settings you can assign login and register modal boxes to menu items, and add a redirect URL. By assigning the login and register modals to menu items users will be able to click menu items, will display a single login or register form in a modal without any post content.

zM Ajax Login & Register

2. Login Page Styler

Customize your login page matching your theme or any other style,Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website and logo link can be changed to your website link through Login Page Styler. Login page styler helps you customize your wordpress login page easily with few clicks and can change the entire look of your login page.

Login Page Styler

3. Theme My Login

This plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme. It creates a page to use in place of wp-login.php, using a page template from your theme. Also includes a widget for sidebar login. Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website. Require users to be approved or confirm e-mail address upon registration.

Theme My Login

4. Floating Login

A really simple to use plugin that will create a floating element that either displays login/ register or logout/profile, depending on whether the user is logged in. Fully customisable colors, links and properties.

Floating Login

5. Captcha Bank – Bullet Proof Captcha

WP Captcha Bank is a powerful WordPress shield which allows you to protect your WordPress website from SPAM. You can display Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form, Contact Bank Form and Hide Captcha for registered users easily. Captcha Bank is loaded with more than 50+ settings including advance protection features such as Login Logs, Auto IP Block, Security Protections and much more.

Captcha Bank - Bullet Proof Captcha

6. iCeyi Members Only Shortcode

iCeyi Members Only Shortcode makes it easy for anyone to protect content on a WordPress site in any post or page using shortcodes. The shortcode can be used along with other shortcodes, this plugin is very simple and light weight making it a very useful tool for any WordPress site. Restrict access to downloads, articles in whole or part, videos, forums, support and more, keep it simple less is more set it and forget it.

iCeyi Members Only Shortcode

7. GoodBye Captcha

Goodbye Captcha anti-spam and security plugin is based on algorithms that identify spam bots without any annoying and hard to read captcha images. Goodbye Captcha completely eliminates spam-bot signups, spam comments, even brute force attacks, the second you install it on your WordPress website.

GoodBye Captcha

8. CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist

This plugin will check if a user trying to register to your WordPress site is using an email from a domain which is defined in blacklists taken from SpamAssassin free domains list (freemail_domains.cf). The plugin stop users using blacklisted domains from registering to your WordPress site, helping to avoid unwanted spammers, viruses and Malware.

CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist

9. WP Super Login

Wp Super Login plugin, It adds a nice introduction to the theme. We will also bring more updates to the availability of 3 languages. These languages are English, French and Turkish.

WP Super Login

10. WP Register Profile With Shortcode

This is a simple registration form in the widget. just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar. This is a simple registration form in the widget. The form is responsive. Redirect users to a chosen page after successful registration. Maybe to a thank you page. Enable password fields so that users can choose there own passwords. Otherwise password will be auto generated an d mailed to user.

WP Register Profile With Shortcode

11. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

An extremely powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam. Most of the spam hitting your blog originates from bots, but quite a bit comes from humans too. This plugin works like a firewall to ensure that your commenters are in fact, human, and that those humans aren’t spamming you.

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

12. Pie Register

Pie Register is a free, commercial grade, open source WordPress Registration Plugin from Genetech Solutions. It’s the easy, secure and intuitive way to create and brand registration pages for your WordPress sites. Seriously, No Coding Required! Use Pie Register when you need to create user registration forms for your WordPress site and you don’t want to build from scratch.

Pie Register

13. Simple Membership

A flexible, well-supported, and easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin for offering free and premium content from your WordPress site. The simple membership plugin lets you protect your posts and pages so only your members can view the protected content. When you are editing a post or page in the WordPress editor, you can select to protect that post or page for your members.

Simple Membership