Ten Excellent Free WordPress Framework Plugins

Theme framework is a fancy word for a starter theme that is based on a solid code foundation that comes with built-in generic features such as starter template files, useful scripts, meaningful css, etc. There was no good way of upgrading WordPress themes without losing all the custom styling options. So, here in this post I have compiled a list of some of the best free framework plugins for wordpress that are useful for your wordpress blogs.

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1. Titan Framework

Titan Framework allows theme and plugin developers to create a admin pages, options, meta boxes, and theme customize options with just a few simple lines of code. Titan Framework aims to be easily used by everyone. The goal is to make it plug and play – just activate the plugin and start creating your options.

Titan Framework

2. Admin Page Framework

It provides plugin and theme developers with easier means of creating option pages. Extend the library class and pass your arrays that define the form elements to the predefined class methods. The library handles all the complex coding behind the scene and creates the pages and the forms for you.

Admin Page Framework

3. WP App Studio

WP App Studio(WPAS) is a cost-effective REST API based Visual WordPress Design Development Platform offered as a service(PaaS). Use WP App Studio plugin to interact with the platform; all interactions are done through HTTPS using XML text. No coding required.

WP App Studio

4. Pronamic Framework

This plugin contains some handy WordPress functions and extends the WordPress admin interface with some nice functions, widgets and more.

Pronamic Framework

5. WP to Buffer: USP Connector

Connects the User Submitted Posts Plugin with WP to Buffer, ensuring User Submitted Posts are published to Buffer. For many of our plugins on wordpress.org, Premium versions are available. These typically provide additional functionality, and come with one to one email support.

WP to Buffer: USP Connector

6. Ultimate Fields

With Ultimate Fields you can easily create fields in the admin. Those fields can be displayed when you are editing a post or page (any post type actually) or in an options page (ex. Theme Options) anywhere in the admin.

Ultimate Fields

7. Redux Converter

Redux Converter takes the pain out of trying Redux with your current framework. It auto-generates a fully functional panel with compatable fields. It even has auto-generated code for you to migrate your data from/to.

Redux Converter

8. Gantry Template Framework

Gantry is a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme. Gantry is packed full of features to empower the development of designs into fully functional layouts with the absolute minimum of effort and fuss.

Gantry Template Framework

9. Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Create any type of content that you want – small or large – we’ve got you covered. Every content type created with Pods gets all the love it needs to grow up big and strong. You’ll get an easy to use interface that lets you manage custom fields and how your content type will function.

Pods - Custom Content Types and Fields

10. SublimeVideo – HTML5 Video Player

SublimeVideo is the most reliable, pain-free way to truly enable HTML5 Video on your site, and allows your videos to play flawlessly on any device or browser and in any existing web page.

SublimeVideo - HTML5 Video Player