15 Powerful Free WordPress Themes for 2015

Looking forward to 2015, it’s time to start looking ahead. What will be the best WordPress themes for latest web design trends for next year 2015? WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) around. The best of WordPress themes are of course, not free, but they are worth their weight in gold. There are thousand of free themes are available on web which is used by the various businessman. You can surf on web and choose any of them.

If you’re looking for free WordPress themes, you’re at the right place, we have colleceted the latest new free wordpress themes of 2015 here, meaning you can download, install and activate them and quickly. All themes feature search engine friendly, custom homepage settings, custom background support, and multiple page templates. You may be interested in the following posts: Free WordPress Alert Bar Plugins, Social Sharing Widgets for WordPress and Premium WordPress History Themes.

1. Bouquet

Bouquet is a simple, elegant theme infused with floral essences. Shroud your content in a canopy of subtle shadows, soft rounded corners, and sweet fragrances (the latter item might require you to call upon your imagination). Bouquet offers a responsive layout structure that adapts to fit a variety of screen sizes.


2. The Columnist

The Columnist blends big, bold Typography with a minimalist principals to produce a truly attractive design. The Columnist provides a single navigation menu which displays at the top of your site. This menu will support any level of dropdowns and can be configured by visiting the Appearance → Menus admin screen.

The Columnist

3. Spirit

Spirit is a festive treat for your personal blog, complete with softly falling snow and a wintry color palette. Share past holiday memories or create a website to coordinate the next family Christmas party.


4. Matala

With its Talavera pottery-inspired bright colors, dynamic shapes, grungy textures and whimsically off-kilter text in the main menu, Matala will give your site a fun, colorful feel. Matala sports a two-column layout with a right sidebar, making it perfect for journal-style blogs.


5. Fiore

With its light vintage colors and tumblelog style, Fiore is the perfect theme for any personal blog. Features include the support for all post formats, a custom header, and background, and is designed to work perfectly with all mobile devices. Fiore also has a cool slide-out sidebar for your widgets.


6. Confit

Confit is the perfect theme for you. With Confit, it’s easier than ever to add (and edit) your menu, and to show off your best dishes and restaurant decoration. Map your location so customers can easily find you, and display phone numbers and business hours with our specialized Contact Info widget.


7. Penscratch

Penscratch is a fresh, stylish design for sharing your writing. Whether you’re working on an analytical essay, an anthology of poems, or a piece of long-form fiction, Penscratch makes for a pleasant reading and writing experience all around.


8. Harmonic

Harmonic makes your content sing. Whether you’re a band looking for a record deal, a travel blogger documenting your trip around the world, or anyone making a home on WordPress.com, this theme lets you express yourself and makes your content shine.


9. Minnow

Minnow is designed to put your social presence front and center by displaying your social links menu prominently below the site title and logo, so readers can easily find you on your favorite social networks.


10. Eighties

Eighties is a bold, one-column theme for your personal blog. Post formats highlight your web finds in colorful style, large featured images put your work front and center, and the responsive design looks and works great on any device.


11. Goran

Goran is a functional and responsive multi-purpose theme that is the perfect solution for your business’s online presence. Goran looks great on devices of all sizes, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. The theme adapts to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.


12. Sketch

Sketch is a responsive portfolio theme, perfect for showcasing your creative talent, whether it be illustration, design, or photography. The theme’s clean, light design puts the focus on your projects.


13. Edin

Edin is a fully responsive theme, ideal for creating a strong – yet beautiful – online presence for your business. Edin is responsive, from desktop to mobile, and everything in between. The theme adapts to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.


14. Chateau

If you are looking for a theme that is clean and especially typographically pleasing, look no further – Chateau may be what you are looking for. An elegant, minimalist theme, Chateau sports a classic look – but under the surface it’s packed with cool features that will help you to customize your blog how you like.


15. Espied

Espied is a portfolio theme for designers, photographers, and artists. It’s great for showing off your image-oriented projects to the world. The theme’s minimalist design puts the focus on your projects.