Top 10 Amazing Spotify WordPress Widgets

Today, in this post I have compiled a list of some of useful free wordpress spotify widgets for wordpress blogs. You can free download these widgets and install them. Hope you will like them. You may also take a look at our past collections for inspiration: Free Subscriber Plugins WordPress, Best Musician WordPress Themes, Useful Framework Widgets for WordPress and Premium Sports Themes for WordPress.

1. Spotify Master

Spotify Master allows you to display in your wordpress website musics, playlists and albums of the cool and “booming” music network Spotify.

Spotify Master

2. OGraphr

This plugin adds several Open Graph meta-tags to the header of your theme. These include meta information such as site name, a description (the excerpt of a post), the permalink, author, categories and images for your post.


3. Music Affiliate Pro

Music Affiliate Pro will turn you into a music linking ninja. Overnight. Guaranteed. Well, maybe not quite that fast. You do have to jump through a few hoops to register for the various affiliate networks and web services.

Music Affiliate Pro

4. Spotify Embed

Easily embed Spotify playlists, albums and tracks into your posts through the new Spotify Play Button.

Spotify Embed

5. Spotify Play Button

Spotify Play Button can easily be added to post or page for instant play of album, playlist or song. Oh, and it has an admin page in WordPress too.

Spotify Play Button

6. WP-Spotify

Link Spotify tracks to your posts and pages using uri-based shortcodes.


7. Latest Spotify Activity

A simple widget that displays your Spotify activity on your site. Powered by Spotify’s built-in ‘ Scrobble’ functionality.

Latest Spotify Activity

8. Spotify Play Button

Easily add the Spotify Play Button to your post and pages in WordPress by using the short code [spotify-play].

Spotify Play Button

9. Spotify Embed Creator

Search for Album or Track on Spotify and create a Spotify Play Button by iFrame or Shortcode.

Spotify Embed Creator

10. M77 Spotify Embed

The M77 Spotify Embed plugin makes it super easy to embed songs, albums and playlists from Spotify directly into your posts and pages.

M77 Spotify Embed