The Reliable Free WordPress Weather Plugins

With WordPress releasing it’s third major iteration to the open source platform. WordPress is today used in serious projects and on large commercial websites besides the millions of hard-working bloggers sharing their valuable knowledge. Some of the top web developers have picked WordPress as an income stream and deliver some of the best WordPress plugins for a remarkably small fee.

In this post, I will showcase some of the best weather WordPress plugins. These 18 weather forecasts plugins for WordPress are attractive and offer your visitors with useful weather information. I hope you will enjoy this tour.

1. NOAA Weather

The NOAA Weather widget will show the current weather and weather icons for any locale in the United States that NOAA reports on.

NOAA Weather

2. Weather Forecast

Get accurate and beautiful weather forecasts powered by for your content or your sidebar.

Weather Forecast

3. Weather Layer

Weather Layer is a plugin which allows you to display a layer with weather information for a choosen city.

Weather Layer

4. Snow Report

Display the snow conditions on your favorite mountain or in your area using the Snow Report plugin.

Snow Report

5. WeatherZone Embed Plugin

Allows you to easily embed Australian weather forecast and observation data on your website.

WeatherZone Embed Plugin

6. WP-forecast

wp-forecast is a plugin for the famous wordpress blogging package, showing the weather-data from and/or


7. Skysa Weather Widget

By Installing this weather widget your users can see weather updates for their location on your website through Skysa bar.

Skysa Weather Widget

8. Ajax Weather

Ajax weather service is developed for the users not familiar with computer systems, for example, the elderly.

Ajax Weather

9. My Weather

Display the weather for your city on the sidebar. Select from various layouts, designs and colors.

My Weather

10. Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

Get the most beautiful weather info on your WordPress site using Weather Underground or Worldweatheronline!

Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

11. Weather Sidebar Widget

The Weather sidebar widget shows current weather and forecasts for the current day and the next three days for any location you choose.

Weather Sidebar Widget

12. Yahoo Weather

A simple and useful Yahoo Weather widget for wordpress.

Yahoo Weather

13. WP Weather Hacks

Display weather reports in the sidebar from Livedoor weather API.

WP Weather Hacks

14. addWeather

addWeather plugin allows you to set up displays for cities of your choice.


15. Google Weather 4 WP

This plugin was made to show Google weather info on wordpress. It was designed to fit the needs of a customer of virtual2.

Google Weather 4 WP

16. ICIT Weather widget

An easy to use, elegant weather widget to work in most sidebar and widget locations.

ICIT Weather widget

17. Xerxes Weather Plugin

The Xerxes Weather Plugin uses the Google API and shows the weather of the current user locaction based on there IP adresse.

Xerxes Weather Plugin

18. Simple Weather

Shows current weather for specified location. Makes use of “secret” Google Weather API.

Simple Weather

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.