X Theme – A New WordPress Theme

The word “WordPress” has become almost a synonym for “blogging platform”. Take a look at the top ten blogs in any niche and in all probabilities you will find seven out of ten of them would be running on the WordPress platform.

Theme.co has created a brand new theme named X for WordPress. Though it is a single theme it has many options by which you can get diverse range of designs. I will discuss that later.

The important features of this theme are discussed below.

Fluid design

X  is 100% fluid, percentage grid based theme. This means that the size of your device or browser window is immaterial. The website running the X theme will always look brilliant. The percentage grid ensures that there is no predefined fixed width and the text can float around elements and images with ease.


Theme X comes with a WordPress Customizer that combines theme options with the feature of live previewing those changes before you save them. The traditional method of seeing the changes in effect is to reload the page over and over again after making the changes. Theme X takes a departure from this method with its unique Customizer. You can change colors, layout type, text, or images and everything will be shown back to you allowing you the option of either publishing those changes or reverting to the original design.


The theme X has many unique designs built into it. These individual designs are called as Stacks by Theme.co.  Each Stack has its own and different look and feel which lets you create almost any look you desire.

Then each Stack was crafted with the advice of leading industry experts so that you not only get a beautiful website but also a site which has been optimized for performance, search engine visibility and built with all the new features and functions.

Expert advice

This is one of the features that you will rarely find anywhere else. The X theme was built by seeking advice from the leading experts who are marketers and Internet entrepreneurs.

One of the experts charged $2,000 per hour for consultation and you will find the complete list of experts here.

The experts shared their best secrets which ranged from e-mail marketing to video marketing and from copywriting to SEO.

Boxed and Wide

Theme X gives you the option to choose between a boxed or a full width layout design. In the theme options you are allowed to change the layout with a single click of the button and because of the WordPress customizer you will also see a live preview of how the boxed design looks as compared to the full width version. All Stacks built into the X theme come with this Boxed and White options.

Like what you see here? You may want to check out this page of Theme.co for a full list of their features. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this theme X.